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Adventure Dog
Adventurous Dogs

Jovie – A Story of Triumph from Captivity to a Life as an Adventure Dog

Jovie is a representation of resilience, triumph, and the power of love. Now, perhaps that is a bit of a bold statement to make but bear with us because her…
Adventurous Dogs

The Story of Our Ambassador Wilson and His Family

Becoming a dog parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences in anyone’s life. Sometimes, when you least expect it, a dog will change your world entirely. Some you can…

King Rex – The Water Adventure King That Makes His Dog Parents Proud

King Rex, a Toy Aussie, is a little beauty that is always smiling. Currently residing with his caring dog parents in Honolulu, Hawaii, he loves taking long walks in the…
Camping With Your Dog
Dog Gear

Tips for Camping or Glamping in Your Backyard with Your Dog

What’s more fun than camping with your furry kiddo? It’s even better when your camping buddy likes cuddles, long walks, rolling around in the grass, and oh, those puppy eyes.…