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Mountain Shiba Ambassadors share our belief that each day is an opportunity for a new adventure. These fun-loving and rambunctious pups provide feedback on our gear by sharing their life's experiences. Whether they're enjoying the great outdoors or discovering fresh new places, they inspire us to always keep exploring. Learn more about each of our Ambassadors below and follow their adventures.

Mr. Wilson


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Mr. Wilson – Dog Model

Mango – Dog Model

Dakota – Dog Model

Rex – Dog Model

Astrid – Dog Model

Jovie – Dog Model

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These collars go great with the matching waterproof leash! Waterproof is the way to go if taking your pup on a water adventure, high chance of rain or if the area is muddy. These collars are very easy to clean!

Elise Petersen

Absolutely love this collection of toys! They are so unique, our pup loves them! I think these are the coolest toys we have ever ordered! Definitely plan on ordering more collections! Thank you!

Lynne Henson

This collar is absolutely stunning. Great colors, craftsmanship and quality!

Jennifer H.

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